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The concept behind the SCKRBS is to provide quality "captive bred only" animals to our patrons that were bred by the vendors themselves. Hence the name..."South Central Kentucky Reptile Breeders Show."
We also want to help educate the public by providing any information or assistance they might require.

We are trying to build a reputation that will make this show unique.
We have “standards” that some might not agree with, and we understand that.
This will not change, nor will we compromise.

We may seem "militant" in adhering to such a strict agenda, but we do not want to be like everyone else.
We believe that our show will prosper in the future, if we remain true to our beliefs.


There may be some confusion about what a "captive bred" animal means.

"Captive Bred" - CB / Captive parents bred in captivity produce CB babies.
Some use CBB - "Captive Bred and Born" to mean the same thing.
CB / CBB provides the highest quality and most healthy babies.

"captive born" - cb / Babies are born or hatched in captivity from a female that may be
"wild caught - wc" or "captive farmed - cf."
cb may provide babies of lower quality and health.
Use "caution" when purchasing "captive born" animals.